Create a piece of wall art like no other

Since 2012 inHisimage have been creating inspirational wall art for the art for the Christian community throughout the UK. Our messages have been received and taken into the homes and lives of many families.

We have a range of products ranging from small 10cm square blocks to 60cm pieces of wall art big enough to brighten any room and posters that reinforce a positive message.

Canvas prints have been around for a considerable amount of time and adorn the walls of many homes. With the advent of the smartphone we are all photographers with the ability to capture every moment.

inHisimage has now gone one better by combining your special moments and combining them with a scripture verse of your choice. Our print blocks and canvases make the ideal gift for the loved ones in your life, or for you to celebrate the gift of family by creating beautiful imagery that also displays words of life.

Our products are handmade in the UK and are available in a variety of sizes. Prints can be created to be displayed on a counter top or wall-mounted. The process is simple. Step one: select a size that you want your canvas or block to be. Step two: select an image from your smartphone and upload it. Step three: type in the scripture verse or message that you wish to be displayed.

Once all these steps have been completed all that needs to be done is make your payment and we will do the rest in getting your item to you.

It’s that easy!