What we do and why we do it

In His Image was started by Anthony Consiglio in 2012.

The company aims to  reinforce the message that we are created in the image of Christ. A message that is vitally important in a day and age where popular culture causes many people to question their identity.

As a gifted artist and designer Anthony creates beautiful wall art combining scriptures and impactful graphics.

Each of the items is hand made, which means that any of the items you see can be personalised for you or a family member. Items can also be branded specifically for your events or conferences.

There are two sides to the business. The first is providing pre-made blocks and canvases direct to the public through exhibiting at conferences and festivals. We also sell through selected bookshops.

The other side of the business is in producing personalised block and canvases. What could be better than combining your favourite scripture verse with pictures of friends and family?